Mesh'a Polth

Droid loving mechanic who is also a damn good medic.


Deep purple hair that almost looks black.

Very light pink skin.

Deep garnet eyes.

Always carries a tool kit and med kit in her batman like utility belt. Wears a necklace with a medallion on it.

Mesh’a Polth born Mesh’a Vakarian grew up in the Vakarain trade port. It was a small little port run by the family. Her mother, Melody died when she was seven of medical problems. Since then Mesh’a has always dabbled in medicine. With in two years of her mother’s death, her uncle manages to set up the deaths of both her father (Darrius) and her older brother (Morden), making it appear as if they had killed each other. Little Mesh’a who was always fascinated by electronics and machines was playing and hiding in the droid shop when she witness the event. Her uncle (Dalen) claimed Mesh’a as his ward so he could control the port. Since Mesh’a was the last of her immediate family alive the port went to her, as tradition. Something sparked in her when she witness her family’s murder. She took a laser welder from the droid shop and waited for night. She slew her uncle in his sleep with the welder. She then snuck upon one of the ships that was coming through the port. She was discovered a few days later by the mechanic, Harper. He took her under his wing and became her adopted father. He taught her everything he knew. When she was 16 their ship was attacked by Marauders and Harper was killed in the attack. Mesh’a, the captain, and three others were the only survivors. The captain was impressed with how Mesh’a fought so he decided to teach her farther in the ways of battle. Shortly after Harper’s death Mesh’a joined the Coalition. She stayed with the captain till she was 20, when he died after an attack by an old rival of his. From there she continued working with the Coalition and traveled with different groups as their mechanic. She never stopped dabbling in medicine though and continued to hone her battle skills, but machines will always be her passion.

“Years. It’s been so many years. Resenting the years in my heredity.

Oh, I have hated and loved you I have hidden behind you but I finally see.

You, I’ve mistaken for destiny but the truth is my legacy is not up to my genes. True, though the imprint is deep in me it will always be up to me. Up to me.”

Mesh'a Polth

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