Polth's Datapad

Data log 167453.
Dr Laceter did an amazing stupid thing today. He threw a wrench in the repulser engine, literally. Everyone but Corbie died. I don’t know what the hell is going on but Laceter has been acting weird for the past few days. Corbie and he have been arguing. Oh and we now have these three strange people joining us. Coincidence, I don’t think so. Magically they appear as we are being attacked by striders. At least I managed to get the repulsers back up and working. I swear if this skiff wasn’t bad before its horrendous now. I think it may not be able to turn right. (side note: I’m pretty sure Dr Laceter killed one of Corbie’s men. He said ‘he made me do it’. Not having a good feeling about him, despite what Abrien told me. Really feel bad for Corbie, kinda liked the guy.)
-Mesh’a P.

Data Log 167456.
Dr Laceter has been increasingly paranoid. I have no idea what is going on, I don’t trust any of them. Now instead of going to Vault Town we are heading off to meet with some starship that will take these three, I don’t know what to call them, apprentices off world. Something odd about them. Don’t trust them one bit. The kid is alright, if nothing else he is just ditsy as hell. The female I don’t trust, she is hiding something. The short one is one arrogant prick. He acts like he is in fucking charge of this ship. I don’t see anyone else that can keep this thing running. Oh yeah fixed the steering, skiff can turn right, now.
-Mesha P.

Data Log 167458.
So apparently the three freeloaders’ ship was full of fucking Reapers. Real Reapers. I didn’t think they were even on this planet. Scary buggers. A fighter ship came and destroyed the ship and the Reapers. Saved our asses. This is getting a bit too much. How the hell did the ship know about the Reapers? Did get paid though. The fighter, Kreeth, gave us some power cells in exchange for some item that the three buffoons had. Apparently they stole it from a coffin. Didn’t know they were graverobbers. Kreeth also knew who I was. I don’t like that. I don’t like people knowing who I am with out knowing who they are. This whole expedition has been one big nightmare. Well now we can hopefully go to Vault Town. I need a good strong fucking drink. Corbie hasn’t waken up yet either. I think the good doctor has been keeping him sedated. Why? His injuries were not that severe. Something strange is going on and I don’t like it. Oh yeah, also used a panel on the skiff to smash one of those Reapers. Skiff leans a little funny now. This thing isn’t going to hold up much longer. Not going to tell them that though. Don’t think any of them can read binary. Going to keep computing all my logs and data in that format for now.

Data Log 16763.
You gotta be fucking kidding me. Instead of heading to Vault Town like any sensible person would, we are off chasing this giant smoke cloud up north. I can’t believe this fucking shit. If they didn’t out number me I’d fucking kill their asses and head back. Not like they are paying me either. Corbie definitely in a coma. Keeping my eye on Dr Laceter now.

Data Log 167464.
Shit. That was a massive hole in the ground. According to the trajectory of the debris it looks like explosives. The three stooges and I went down there to see what we can find. Looked like it was one a train system of some kind. Never heard of anything like it before on Forest. Massive damage. Going to look for anything useful. I love spare parts.

Data Log 167466.
FUCKING LACETER! FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCK! The asshole tried to steal the skiff while we were down there. Got the skiff back. Some crazy fucking Sith Lord (whatever the fuck that means) called Abhora was there as well and took Laceter. Don’t really care at this point. Corbie nearly dead. Managed to save his life. Laceter was pumping him with so many drugs. Don’t know when Corbie will wake up. If Laceter got away he would have been dead by now. Stupid stupid stupid for letting him be on the ship by himself. I knew I couldn’t trust him. Stupid. Only bright side of all this is I now have a friend I can trust. His name is Prodigy. His is a massive and beautiful droid. Apparently he calls himself a Reaper/Anamidian mix. Whatever that means. Who cares if he kinda looks like a creepy Reaper, he is wonderful! I can’t wait to meet his creator. Apparently his master is the guy Laceter has been looking for, Tol Kilitsi. I think I finally have someone I can talk to. People are weird, and untrustworthy. Droids, on the other hand, are dependable, can be fixed if they are destroyed, and won’t break your heart.

Data Log 167468.
So apparently we are now helping out some refugees. They were on the other Mag train when the one Prodigy was on exploded. Mostly female teens. They were on their way to the Hub from some place called Shilo? Never heard of it before. It seems to be WAY up north. This Nagai, Vel Milne is pretty reckless. He is going to get us in trouble. Thank the stars for Prodigy.

Data Log 167470.
I did something freaking amazing. With out going into the techno-babble, I basically made a high powered vehicle out of the skiff and parts of the mag train. I knew it wouldn’t hold up forever but it did give us some pretty good distance before exploding. It was so much fun. That is the kind of shit I love. I love causing a good explosion.

Data Log 167472.
Why can’t anyone ever listen to me? So the backup power went out right. Well turns out there were three guys in armor and weapons heading our way. I told the women that I’d get the power back on, soo I took Prodigy with me. I noticed the guys were using some kind of infered to see. Well my lucky laser welder and I made a pretty big flash of light and blinded them for a moment. I told them to drop their weapons but NOOO one of them had to run off. Told Prodigy to get him. Well at least one of them listened to me (I think he was more scared of Prodigy) and dropped his weapon. The one in charge however shot and hit Prodigy. That made Prodigy mad. Don’t piss off Prodigy. I told him to disarm the man. Note: Don’t tell Prodigy to disarm someone, he takes it literally. So I managed to cauterize his now missing arms and sedate him. Prodigy carried him while I forced the one who pissed his pants to follow us. Apparently Vel and the others caught the third one that escaped me. Didn’t get much info out of them. If they have no information useful to us we should kill them. They are a liability and another mouth that needs food and water. Don’t think Bene’Endra would let me though.

Data Log 167473.
Well that hurt. So I managed to get the power up and running right. Well Vel and the dynamic duo went up the hatch to the surface. OH nice job guys now we have to fight Reapers. Damn things pack a punch. Then there was this weird guy in a mask. He gave me the creeps. Vel went after him on his ship. What a dumb ass. Really? you go an attack someone who isn’t hurt while you yourself and pretty fucked up? Good job. Well to save his fucking ass I use the rifle I took from one of the prisoners and turned into a bomb ( I do love me some good explosions.) I threw my now javelin bomb at the Reaper next to Mr. Igotmyfacestuckinatrashcompacter. Had a hunch that if I threw it at him it would miss. Don’t know why but I did. Well there was a nice explosion, but that fuck face him me with some kind of electrical energy beam that nearly killed me. I never felt so much pain before. He is dead. I will find him and kill him if it is the last thing I do. NO body hurts me. NO BODY.

Data Log 167475.
Why can’t we ever get a nice welcome reception? No it has to end with us getting shot at. Dust storm hit and we found a network of crevices that allowed for some shelter. However they had desert people in it. Well one tried to snipe me and all went to shit. Killed them all but one that Vel knocked out. Dessa was apparently very interested in one of them. Called her Ellastra. The wonder trio then went down these stairs. Apparently they did more fighting. Any who, I tied up the guy Vel knocked out and preceded to scavenge any machine parts I can find. They came back up even shitter than before. Tried to get information from the prisoner, not much info other than yes it was Ellastra and they came from a service train under the tram. Suspicious. Checked the train out only holds three, so useless to the group. Back to the desert I guess. I really hate all this. No one tells me shit and they all seem to know something about what is going on. By the heavens I can’t wait to get back to just fixing shit.

Data Log 167477
So, I hate walking in the waste. I really hate walking in the waste. Had a bunch of fighter ships come at us. No one hurt though. Can’t wait to drop these girls off at Shilo and be done with all this nonsense. Almost there..almost there.

Data Log 167477.2
Really? Did I like get sucked into some kinda of bizarre zone? What is this conspiracy central? So Shilo is a weird place. How the hell did I not hear about an oasis in the wastes? Also, everyone keeps telling me I’m someone who I am not. Jal Shey? Sorry folks I don’t know what the fuck you guys are talking about, but I’m not one of them. This person is against that person who is conflicting with this person who is in league with this person. Argh now I remember why I stuck with mechanics, way easier to deal with than people. Bene’Aberie seems really familiar. She kept staring at Vel too. Weird. Mother Alruah was the only one who seemed nice. The other two, Aberie and Sister Ellestra (who may be that bitch that ordered those desert people to kill us) looked like they were about to kill each other. Hey so long as I’m far away when that happens then they can visually rip each other apart all they want. Dinner was very, very awkward. Worse off, they wouldn’t let Prodigy near me during the meal. I feel way safer when he is around. At least this reception didn’t end is us getting shot at. Oh and apparently Dessa was from here. Why do people keep such important information from me? You know that would have been very helpful. At least they bandaged me up and my wounds and sores are healing rather quickly. Kept a small sample of the funny green mixture they used. Will have to study it at another time. Oh how nice it will be to sleep in a bed again. Told Prodigy to keep an eye out in case anyone tries to sneak in while I’m asleep. Don’t want any assassins getting the best of me in my weaken state. Don’t trust these people. Something odd is going on and I hate that I’m being dragged into it.

Life was so much easier before Capt’ Otrea got himself killed. I miss that bastard. Why do people that I actually like and get along with always get killed? Best if I just keep people at a distance. By the stars, if Corbie died, I’d.. I’d truly would give up on people. It just isn’t worth all the pain to finally get along with someone then have them die on you. At least he is going to get proper treatment. I just didn’t have the proper equipment to take care of him. I need to be more careful. Can’t let anyone get to close. I can’t deal with that all over again. Too many times. It is to much. Perhaps when I get back to the Hub I’ll set up a shop. Pay someone to work the sales and I’ll just stick to the back and fix things. Bah why bother, I have a feeling I’ll never get back to the old days. Old days, how strange does that sound now. So tired of it all. So tired. Need sleep.


Data Log 167480
Well fuck me. It has been a whirlwind ride the past few days. Apparently Aberie was put on trial and I was put on as a witness. Vel saw a sniper while I was on the stand. Killed him quicky. Chaos ensued and the Council tried to kill Mother Alruah. Aberie, Vel and I managed to save her. Vel did something amazingly bizarre. That little thing shot lighting from his hands. How the hell did he do that? I will find out one day. Could be useful. Must be that whole Force thing or something. Anywho, one bitch was fried, another bitch was sliced in half by Aberie, and fucking Ellastra gets stuck with me. Maybe it was pay back for beating her so easily in the sparing match we had earlier. I did give Vel her lightsaber; he seems very happy with it, at least someone was happy. Well the queen bitch herself then leaves when she see she is outnumbered and we saved the Mother. Vel and Aberie went off to catch her and I stayed behind. Another shitbrick of a person tried to finish the Mother off by injecting her with something. I wasn’t letting anyone touch her while I was there, not until Bene’Endra showed up. I at least trust her enough to know she won’t kill the Mother.

Well this is where things get even crazier. Apparently Vel went off in a fighter ship after Aberie who went after Fuckface on his ship. So we get dragged on to a ship to go after them. So this Mandalorian guy jumps out of our ship and sails down to Aleed’s ship. Not to be out done by anyone, I used a rope and propelled myself down to it. I showed those wimpy soldiers. “oh he didn’t have proper equipment either, why don’t you do it?” Fuckers. Well apparently Fuckface wasn’t on the ship. Go figure. However a reaper was piloting the ship and trying to crash us. Managed to lock him out of the controls and land us with out a complete and utter crash. Ship pretty fucked up though. Now I’m stuck out here in the Waste, again. This time with short stuff, a women who claims to be my cousin, and a man who claims to be my grandfather. Where am I getting these people? Why the hell do they think they know who I am? Regretting ever taking that name Polth as a last name. Should have taken Harper’s name. Mesh’a Harper..oh well to late now since apparently half the world knows who the fuck I am just by my name alone. For some reason I highly doubt that means I can find Coalition work easier now.

Didn’t want to walk in Waste again. NOT doing that while I have a perfectly usable (more or less) ship. After some trial and error I just cut out the bottom, build a solar powered engine, and used a tarp (why the hell the ship only have tarps is beyond me) as a cover. It looks like crap but at least we won’t have to walk in the heat of the Waste. I prefer to conserve my energy thank you very much. Vel wanted to walk. Fuck that. Though now he is pissed because I used the lightsaber crystals to try and get the ship going. Fried them. Oh well, I’m sure we can steal more for him. What is even more shitty is the fact Prodigy isn’t here. Who the hell am I going to talk to now? Kinda like Thos, he is good with mechanics as well. At least we have that much in common (still don’t believe he is my grandfather. Keep telling these people I don’t have a family). Time to trek onward. I just want to get out of the Waste and to civilization.


Datalog 167483
Well we stumbled into another situation(surprised? I’m not). So we have two new passengers. One is Kreeth who saved us before from the Reaper ship. The other is this guy named Rory. He wanted to kill Kreeth for shooting at him. While I don’t blame him for wanting that, Kreeth helped us and I don’t let that kind of kindness go unnoticed. Thos tied her up. Seems Aberie and he know here from somewhere. Again not surprised. We went on this wild chase after some special Reaper. The kid, McAlister, who came with Rory got himself turned into some kind of…reaper hust thing after getting caught by the reaper. Reaper understood me too. I told him to stop and we won’t harm him. He did and I think he was trying to communicate with me. That fucker Rory decided to shoot him while this was going on. Asshole, I was making progress. Well the reaper turned himself to dust and we took shiny boy with us. Been monitoring his progress too. Apparently he has been dead from the moment he was infected with what ever is changing him. It is quite fascinating. The stage of progression is steady and slow. As if it is trying to integrate the current host with the foreign material. But I’m digressing, at the moment we have Kreeth and husk boy tied up and Rory is with us. Things appear strained between Aberie and Thos, we will see how long this last.

Datalog 167484
We got close to Dust Town and it appears that there are ships all over the place. One told us to stop. Vel and Rory went off to ‘parley’ with them, i.e. go off and kill everything and take the ship. Well we didn’t have the ship very long as we were tailed by fighters. I pulled some fun maneuvers (Crazy Ivan, anyone?)but that ship couldn’t take it and we had to land, again. I’ve never had so much trouble with ships than since I’ve been on this ridiculous journey. Oh well, no use crying over spilled grease. Reapers have surrounded Dust Town and Vel, Rory, and Thos go off with some guy on his ship for some reason. Let Kreeth free. Told me some very interesting information about the Reapers and Dust Town. Apparently there are some reapers who are evolving. Potential allies? I hope so. Looks like I’m going to try and parley with the reapers. Hopefully my connection to machines and electronic things will help.

Datalog 167484.2
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Datalog 167486
Well Vel, Rory and the grew of Caspin’s ship meet up with us again. Thos wasn’t there and Kreeth seemed to have vanished as well. Vel left me to go to a bar. Asshole. I got stuck talking in front of a huge crowed of people. I’ve never been so terrified in my life. Fighting huge scary robots and creepy masked men, no problem, but this was too much. Apparently one of the guards, a Fliss, was getting in my head trying to turn the people against me and I against them. I fucking showed his ass. No one messes with my head. I don’t know how the hell I did it but apparently I got their support. About what and why? I don’t know.

Oh and to top it all off, a bunch of ships landed near by freaking everyone out. Councilman Thorb told me to reach my friends before something happened. Well when I see Caspin and Rory they informed me that Prodigy was up there. I actually enjoyed the look on their faces when I ran past them to get up there. Shocking for sure. Didn’t expect them to help out. Prodigy was taking on several reapers at one of Fuckface’s ships. After we managed to kill nearly all of them I went off to chase after one that got away. Noticed he was heading towards Caspin’s ship. Then there was a big explosion coming from the ship. I kept chase with the reaper though. Cut him off I did, only to find out that Fuckface was there. I hit him pretty hard with a blaster bolt but FUCK his mace sure hurts like a mother bitch. I heared a voice in my head that told me to do what was needed to survive. I can’t believe I bowed to that fucker. Then again I could barely move with a mace in my chest. Thos came and saved me. He and Fuckface were going at it, untill Fuckface closed off the bulkheads. Thos and I managed to get past them and kill the two reapers waiting for us.

Well we were getting through the other bulkheads when Fuckface hit Thos with some horrendous lighting. I remember that pain. Don’t want to repeat that again. Vel and Rory managed to make it aboard as we were taking off. Fuckface did something to the ship and locked the controls and computer. He went up to the outside of the ship and I managed to get controls of the computer back. Programed it to head into the waste away from Shilo. He was planning on blowing up Shilo like he did Dust Town. Vel and Thos went up after Fuckface. How I wish I could have joined them but no one else could hack through the computer quicker than I. Got controls back and landed the ship slowly (yay! no crash landing!) When I got out Fuckface managed to get on one of his other ships. I will see him dead one day. Even if it kills me. I want to be able to stand over him and laugh in his face as I extinguish his final breath. I digress. I managed to disarm all the explosives and put them in one pile together. Oh I can’t wait to use them. Should be fun.

Took the ship back to Caspin at Dust Town. Things looked really bad down there. I was just going to leave when I remembered that Kilitsi was down there. I had to save him. Anyone who could create such an amazing being as Prodigy deserved saving. With Prodigy’s help as well as the others we managed to find Kilitsi and the other council members. The rescue progress was going well but it could take days to truly get through it all. Luckily the reapers showed up. Glad I choose to help them. That fucker Fliss tried to stir shit again but I wasn’t taking it. Vel punched him in the face. I need to buy the guy a beer for that. However our stay was short lived as we had to go stop a war that one of Vel’s clones started. Did I really just type that? Does Vel really have clones? Oh well doesn’t matter. Never a dull moment around these people.


Datalog 167486.2

Well, that was probably the easiest thing we have done this entire time. Vel talked the army into going back and not attacking this monastery. That was it? I swear I was ready to get shot at. Well now that we used up our only ‘Easiest Task Ever’ card, I expect the next thing we get sucked into is going to hurt like a bitch. At least that is taken care of.

Best part of all… CORBIE IS AWAKE! So glad to see him up and about. Having Prodigy back and having Corbie awake really makes my day brighter. Gives me some hope. Now to keep them alive will be a challenge, but hell, I’d gladly take that one on.


Datalog 167487
What a fucking load of crap. Our oh so delightful Captain Caspin fucking abandoned us on top of a mesa! That fucking dick! Not only that he left us with a fake coffin. Hello we are trying to help! Coffin=bad. I don’t know why I keep trying to help people. They just back stab you in the end. We were attacked by aspagra, left to the elements, little water, and no way off this fucking mesa! He wouldn’t HAVE HIS FUCKING SHIP IF IT WASN’T FOR ME! I swear I’m going to punch that guy in the face next time I see him.
-Mesh’a fucking out.

Datalog 167488
Caspin came back and picked us up after lying to us and giving Fuckface the coffin. Kilitsi isn’t looking to good after the aspagra attack either. Caspin excuse for leaving us.. he had to rescue one of his crew. Well looks like Fuckface did quite a number on her buddy. Should have asked for our help. We could have come up with a plan to rescue her WITHOUT GIVING THE UGLY SON OF A BITCH THE DANGEROUS COFFIN! But no, now he has what he wants and you have a comatose and/or dying woman. WOW who can out on top of that one?! At least I have Prodigy. He is the only thing I can depend on right now. Though, short stuff isn’t so bad now. His heart is in the right place but his mouth gets him in a lot of trouble. I know he will have my back. I’ll have his when the time comes.

Datalog 167489
What a fucking crazy day. So we go after DAU and he sends two fighters after us. Well I now know what kind of bombs he up on this ship. I HAVE ATOMICS! Oh and there are two less fighter ships out there…as well as a big wall where a ravine was before. Oh it was so much fun, made my day brighter after all the shit Caspin put us through. But of course nothing ever lasts around here anymore and we headed off to find Fuckface. Guess where we went? INTO THE FUCKING ocean. I’ve never been underwater before. It was kinda exciting. I like it, until the part we got to dock in the creepy place. Ignoring the boring details, we ended up fighting two coffinborn and I wanna say Ullad’s apprentice. Holy crap that fight was amazing. Short stuff and the apprentice were locked in some kind of crazy force battle that caused the atrium we were in to implode. Vel sent the other guy through the glass wall into the ocean. Fucking amazing. I wanna learn how to do shit like that. But I digress, so we get into the next decompression chamber and it was booby trapped. Fucking lasers coming from the ceiling that can disintegrate shit. Lost my power prybar, need to get a new one. After some trouble we finally managed to get the door open and out of that death trap. Never seen a garden like this place had. It would be beautiful if it wasn’t so dangerous for us at the time. Meet up with two Chiss boys. The others wanted to use them as hostages. Really? Really? Is that anyway to treat people you want to help. They are kids! You are just going make what ever doctrine they are instilling into them stronger.

Well Rory, being sneaky bastard he is, made a deal with me to open up one of these artifacts that were encased in a force field, in exchange for the datapad he found. Well he wanted the one that was a FUCKING SINGULARITY BALL! Yeah real smart. I decided to go for the Sith Reaper statue instead. So we get that statue and all the others go into the floor. Any who, they all wanna leave to go find treasure. Are you fucking kidding me?! We came here to kill DUM AN ULLAD! NOT LOOT THE PLACE UP! Well of course I was out voted. I did help Ory and Tam find their younger sister Beiana. She, however, was not a Chiss but whatever Aberie is. Yup, I’m positive this a cloning facility. The others may have laughed at me for thinking that but I’m sure it is. So the others take the kids as hostages and we go looking for treasure, morons.

We did find a computer that was operational. I hacked into it and ended up speaking to Ullad and this guy Darth Aurn. Ullad wanted to make a deal with us, something about delivering a plaque to Aurn. I feel like it was a trap. Aurn said he was on his way. Well we figured out how to get to the vault to go ‘get our treasure’. Apparently the vault was one that belonged to a Darth Zevren. The hallway leading to the vault was liked with about 8 Reapers. Fun time. Of course we can’t do a damn thing with out ever getting into some kind of fight. Rory just runs past all of them to get to the vault door first. Thanks asshole you woke up all the reapers at once and now they all attack us. Vel was on fire though. He was zapping reapers left and right, slamming them and throwing them. I really need to learn how to do that shit. So we get to the door and Rory is already in there and the door is shut. He comes back out with, guess who, Darth Aurn. The guy gives me the creeps. He did heal Vel though, but at the expense of everyone else health. He offered to teach it to me. I don’t feel comfortable taking lessons from him. Sounds painful. So apparently we are forced into helping him find his plaque that Ullad has. He offered to help kill Ullad for us. A good of bargain as any. As soon as we get this done and have him on his way the better. Oh yeah and while this bargaining is going on, Rory snatches everything but some crystals that Vel took. What the hell are you going to do with Reaper armor Rory? You can’t wear it.

Sent the kids back the way we came. They would be safer that way. We suit up and swim to the next area. Apparently little Beiana followed us. So after taking a tram to the next area, we are meet but none other than Fuckface. The dirty bastard is using kids to block our way. He just leaves us with the kids. Well Vel, being the crazy bastard he is, just walks right through them tell them to get out of his way. For a short guy he is pretty ballsy. Well we follow suit and then the power goes out and the kids start flipping out. We managed to calm them down with the help of three older kids, who look like Aberie, hell one was even named Aberie. We get to the next section and Little Aberie tells us to go one way. We went the other way because that way lead to the surface. The datapad we acquired from Tam and Ory did say that the plaque was the way they wanted to go. We parted ways with our lovely Sith friend. Ullad also said that he will destroy this facility. Not good if the kids are still down in the lower sections. We decided to split up. I told Corbie and Caspin to take the kids we had with us to the surface. The rest of us were going to deactivate the device and save the facility. Well the elevators were filled with Sith. Six in total. Vel took on three by himself and obliterated them with the Force. Seriously I need to learn how to do that. We did spare two of them. Though they might as well be dead. Corbie and Caspin leave with the kids and we continue our mission. Little Aberie came with us. Oh yeah I have a shiny new lightsaber. I can see why Vel always wants these. They are fun!

So we get to the reactor and Vel goes into one room and Rory goes down the catwalk to ‘look for the bomb’. I go into the opposite room Vel went into and find a reaper plugged into one of the computer. Ok so is it strange that I’m starting to understand what they are saying, even if they are saying it too fast. So apparently he was placed there to monitor the area. Then he targets Rory and starts firing on him. I knock out the computer then proceed to kill the reaper with the help of Little Aberie. We go and the men are on the opposite side and the catwalk is collapsing on one side. Vel stabilizes it with the force. We go across and find an elevator and a maintenance hatch. Well we summon the elevator and I noticed how easy it came up. I tried to stop it but wasn’t quick enough. Doors opened and there was a thermal detonator, a big one. With quick skill I managed to deactivate it. I now have a lovely new bomb. I love bombs. Well we take the elevator, which I believe no one would be expecting, down and Vel sees the bomb on one of the catwalks. I stop the elevator before reaching the bottom, which would have been bad because it was crawling with people waiting for us. Vel grabs me and we jump out on to the catwalk and look for the bomb. Rory was hitting people from the elevator keeping them off our backs.

Thats when we meet Titan. Holy fuck. He hurts like a train. After nearly being thrown over the railing I managed to get back up. Apparently Vel was using the Force again to destroy Titan. Well Titan falls and nearly takes the bomb with him. I manage to grab it and disarm it. I HAVE ANOTHER ATOMIC! Oh I do like how I’m starting a collection. Well skip a bit and we make it to the surface. Corbie suggested to leave us there. I’m hurt by what he said. After all I’ve done for him. He was way nicer to me when we were working on that mineral skiff. But thankfully Caspin does pick us up. We then headed to Port Town. Now that I had time, I took a look at Krinn, apparently she was poisoned and not meant to survive. I’ll need to get better equipment if I want to help her.

We get to Port Town and go strait to the bar. Caspin pays us and we drink the night away. Vel made a shit ton of credits gambling. Didn’t know he had it in him. Maybe it was the Force. It was a good night after all the horrible shit that happened to us. But now it is shopping time, and I need to buy medical supplies and new tools. Also need to find someone to teach how to use the Force.


Datalog 167491
Seriously? Can we not have a break? So Dresden has to go and try and sell the lightsabers he acquired, right. Well guess who he tried to sell them to. FUCKING DARTH AURN! Yes sir, indeed. Had I known I would have never tried to help him. He came to me looking for a way to transport some cargo. So I go and tell Vel about it because this cargo is in the same area as the plaque that the kids sent with the merchant. Well Vel, Corbie, Caspin,and I go with Dresden on his deal. We get there and there is a dead Kaminoan, and the lights are all flickering and out. Well Vel manages to make Darth Aurn reveal himself. HOLY CRAP Vel is one tough small guy. He pretty much single handily killed Aurn with the Force. Just lighting the guy to death. I got a disk from Aurn. One with a winged serpent looking thing on it. Nearly got blown up by a bomb. We all made it out of the warehouse with the plaque too. Damn Dresden has it. He better not try and sell it like everything else he gets his hands on. People died for that plaque and is much bigger than being sold.

So we get back and the ship is gone. Something about the Alliance searching all ships in our sector and moved to a different location. We were compensated with passes to Pearl Palace. We got new threads along the way. Oh yeah, Karrag had arranged for us to get some new clothing, things he picked out himself. Apparently the guy we were dealing with has a brother who wanted to make a little extra money off us. Well I gave him 30 chits so I can have the clothing now. Karrag found it appropriate to have me in a dress. I’m still confused on this matter. How does one fight in such a contraption? There is way to much fabric. Not good at all for doing mechanical work. Any who, I finally got to take a bath and get all nice and clean. Felt soo good.

After the bathhouse, we go to Pearl Palace. Caspin goes off somewhere, not sure where. He does that alot. Corbie was looking for some whores. Something I probably will never understand. Why would anyone want to pay a person to have sexual encounters with, when you could easily find someone who would be willing to with out having to pay for them. It is a waste of money in my opinion, as well as a dangerous act. You never know who you will get and what kind of ulterior agenda they will have. That is a lot of trust to put into a stranger. They could easily poison you, stab you, or a numerous other things while you sleep there all unexpected. I just don’t understand why Corbie always has to go have whores. I just don’t. Then he tried to get me a male whore! How awkward and embarrassing. I must have turned several shades of red before running off to my room. No way in hell am I paying someone to loose my virginity too. I would rather not have sex at all if I have to pay someone for it. Damn, Corbie is a fool.


Polth's Datapad

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