Vel's Datapad

Where to start… seems like lifetimes ago, but just was a few short weeks. I started out as all lifeforms do, full of ambiguous hope destined to be crushed. An understanding that the relevances of the things done in this life will affect generations in years to come instead of enacting change in the life of the creator of the chaos. An awareness of your own footprint if you will. Where I began is as disconcerting as is the storm that has apparently been created. I was being trained. Trained and trained and trained as if I was meant to be broken. All their training induced was stagnation and boredom so, when some new acolytes tried to fool me into being an accomplice during their heist I was compulsed to join them. One was competent and authoritative,the other on the edge of sanity with a reckless streak. I was lured into an Underground chamber, and together we defeated what I came to know as the coffin born and plundered the crypt. We recovered a piece of holocron and some random trinkets I let them have. We barely escaped as my former master entered the crypt.

Albeit wounded I mounted my vrock strider and joined my newfound companions. We rode onward to their designated retrieval point but as we neared something was wrong. Vrocks had swarmed the downed skiff and were rending civilians apart in a feeding frenzy. We vanquished them with the help of the survivors. When a relative calm arose we made a seemingly unstable truce and the mechanic of the vessel managed to barely repair it. I hate to use this kind of language but she was extremely bitchy, she also wondered when she was going to get paid for her trouble. When asked about it I didn’t say a word, never letting on to the fact thet she was just as interwound as we were in our plight to survive. If she wanted to live she would do her part.

When the skiff was repaired we traveled towards Vault Town. We would not arrive at our destination. As we saw the waving outline of vault town in the heat a pillar of smoke formed behind us. Contrary to our self preservation we decided to investigate this new anomaly. At first it looked like a gunship crash landed in the crater but the smoke came from underground. Upon further investigation we discovered an underground shuttle system with enough supplies and water to keep us going. There was only one survivor if you could call it that. It was a droid/organic mechanism with the name Prodigy. Buried beneath the rubble and bodies we found a cargo unit housing it. Upon freeing it my first instinct was to destroy it, but for this construct fate has reserved a higher purpose. I sense future problems arising from my failure to act in a timely manner.

We were digging around the rubble when Lasseter stole our skiff as the opportunity presented itself and abandoned us to an unknown fate. Maesha, the mechanic decided to give chase and I had little choice but to follow. Upon catching the blighted skiff we discovered it was already stopped. My former master (if you could call her that for all she taught me) had intercepted our skiff and was abducting Lasseter. Maesha rode up with no clue what could happen at the slightest hint of insolence and apparently brokered a deal. (for as I approached we were ordered away and I wisely obeyed because I had thought she had come to reclaim me) I was relieved I was not returned to the monastary and delighted to find Maesha had recovered our skiff. We traveled back to recover our companions and end this perilous set of circumstances.

We triumphantly made our way back to the explosion site of what we later learned was and underground tram system. What we had not counted on was my original accomplices had gone on a scouting mission of their own and in their haste to prosper from all of their ill gotten gains were captured. Captured by what is known in higher circles as the sisterhood. Of course we tried to rescue them. I surged across the distance seperating myself from my adversaries and ordered them to surrender. At first they seemed to comply but one of those sisterhood members, Bene Endra, interviened and tried to use mind trick on me. Suffice to say she did not succeed, but managed to coax Maesha from her tactical advantage and walk her in. Another unsure truce was forged.

It has been months since I have made a log. Too busy fighting, developing my skills and resting to bother with a trifle such as this, but here it is. I have the time and it is now. Two sith lords are dead; Darth Aren and Duman Ali’d (or however you spell it or pronounce it) and Darth Magris is most certainly incapacitated if not dead. We have traveled far off from the planet we embarked on and were betrayed by Thos whom I would have struck down but for some reason Maesha wanted along. She has recently tried to assert herself as our leader, and her leadership skills involve reprimanding those she deems her subordinates (which happens to be everyone) and huffing and puffing until she explodes into an all out temper-tantrum when she dosen’t get her way. I have never encountered such a fragile ego. Ultimately it does not concern me. My will is my own though it saddens me she has not learned from my example and instead seeks to dominate her peers. After all hirearchy is war but this wisdom has been denied her. Our company (HK and Dresden) sense it as well and have also distanced themselves from her. The will of another sith lord has been thwarted. I have stolen his singularity device and alerted his targets to his nefariousness, along with developing a plan to employ the device but it will be years in the making. Now we are traveling by way of another underground tram to yet another artifact. If it has any armaments on it I’m going to bombard the stone forest to glass.

Vel's Datapad

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